Dating isn’t helping the diet

Dating isn’t helping the diet


Well good morning self sabotage, how you doing today? Yeah I know it’s all me.  Making bad choices and then throwing my hands up.  I’ve been writing this blog for three months you think that finally something with sink in, NAH.   I have finally excepted that the chance of me losing the last 20 pounds is pretty slim. Would it be better for me with MS? Of course but I think there comes a point where your body just gets to a level and maintains that level. Could I afford to lose 20 pounds? Absolutly.  Will I ever lose the 20 pounds? Based on my track record odds are not. I lose 5 pounds I gained 5 pounds I lose 5 pounds I gained 5 pounds. That’s basically my track record.

I was supposed to give up the scale for a month not check in with it because as I’ve stated before when I see a lower number I give myself leeway when I see a higher number and ruin my whole day. Of course I checked on Friday and of course it was low and I gave myself the leeway for an entire weekend. So guess what if I stepped on the scale today it would be up ruining my whole day. Depressing me however it’s my own fault.  It’s still my own vicious cycle. Nothing new.

Now since I met this new guy who treats me like absolute gold, we gone out for a lot of dinners. Normally I don’t eat like this. Thats part of the problem and I need to reign myself in for this.  I need to make smarter choices when we’re out stay away from the temptation and stick to what I know.  So now I meet this really terrific guy and we  have gone out quite a number of times and in a very short span which included a number of meals but I can’t use that as an excuse. I know better. I know my body better.  I know the right and wrong way to eat and guess what a Carvel Dasher is not the way to go. Nor is Penny alla vodka or pizza bread that they put that on the table.  Or cherry rice at the Greek restaurant with pita bread to start or a chocolate mousse. So now its back to basic of chicken and vegetables. Otherwise by the end of the first month or two he will be dating a house.

No time to reign it in like the present. So once again back to low to no carb and no sugar.  Which I really didn’t mind doing at all. I still eat fruits I try to eat lots of vegetables. Good friends of mine gave me a a show to watch called plates over forks or forks over plates or forks over knives about becoming vegan. I think that’s still very far stretch for me but she raved about it about how great she feels. A complete flip on my normal diet where you’re not eating any protein you’re eating all good carbs. And I like carbs better than protein because I personally hate chicken.  Either that or I’m gonna have to have my date duct tape my mouth and only take off the tape when he’s going to kiss me. Have a wonderful day. Happy Columbus Day go buy something on sale.

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