Brake hold great feature for MS drivers

Brake hold great feature for MS drivers

Happy Friday. The end to a very long week.  This week knocked me out. Not that it takes much to do these days but this one was a doozy. Im about to wake my little sleeping cherub up because we have to head into the city.  She received a new cochlear implant upgrade and her audiologist is in NYC.  The trip in will hopefully not take more than an hour.  I’m praying for a lighter traffic day due to the Veterans Day holiday.  I am lucky that 1) if traffic is bad she can now drive and 2) my car has brake hold.  Brake hold has been the most amazing and unexpected feature for me when driving especially for my multiple sclerosis.  This feature keeps the cars brakes engaged without you having to keep the pressure on the brake.  The constant pressure on the brake with my weakened leg was giving me problems especially in traffic. I use to have to hold my leg down with my hand on my thigh to keep the pressure on the brake some days.  I’d also end up with terrible spasms down my leg when I’d hit traffic coming home at the end of a long day of work.  Many nights I’d get home in tears. This feature has made my life much easier. It is just as big of a help at the stop lights. This trip to the city will be the furthest I’ve driven since I’ve stopped worked 10 months ago. On a nice note I’ll have my scooter and maybe we will spend some time hanging in the city. A nice mommy and me day. Can you still say mommy and me when she’s 17? Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend.

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