Saturday morning multiple sclerosis week in review

Saturday morning multiple sclerosis week in review


Good morning. I first have to say what a beautiful day in New York. The sun is bright shining into my house spreading love and happiness throughout. Yesterday my daughter received an email from Lynn University that she was accepted to the college with a Dean’s scholarship. It was so exciting for everyone in my family but it was also so reassuring for her. This college is in Florida and it would be my first choice for her. It is one of the best colleges for kids with disabilities in the country. It would offer her such a wonderful college experience plus beautiful weather, a gorgeous campus and its 10 minutes down the road from her grandparents.  My family, except my little sister, is in two states; Florida and New York. She will have a lot of family there so I know she’ll feel safe and have family to turn to.  Her first choice is John Jay in NYC. She’d be very close to home, a train ride away. However she knows NYC and it would offer a completely different experience. It’s a good school not so much dedicated to the children with disability like Lynn University but great for law which she wants.  I believe she’d get in to that too but we still haven’t heard. In the end it will come down to these schools.

Yesterdays trip to the city marked another thing I should no longer be doing.  Not only was the long drive tiring on my arms and brain for concentration but it was bad on my legs.  Those old reasons I had when I was working and driving haven’t gone away.  My leg cramps and spasms in traffic. It was very bad and more than that it was very upsetting. Another thing my multiple sclerosis took away. Another thing off the list of things I can do.  By the time I got home I realized it isn’t safe for me to drive like that and it hurts. My reaction time causes me a lot of slamming in brakes, how safe can that be? I knew I shouldn’t be driving but I refused to pull over and let my daughter drive. Okay partial because on the way in when I hit that point we were almost in the city and she is scared to drive sync on the way home she had a migraine. However with the precious cargo I was driving I should have known better and I needed to not let my ego step in. It was hard to really just accept once again this is another thing I can’t do.

This overwhelming week, starting physical therapy and the stress, sadness of the presidential election took its toll this week. My body is run down and beyond tired.  I slept in today send decided NOT to workout and NOT to have plans with anyone. I needed a complete day off so my exhaustion can hopefully come to pass because tomorrow I’m back in the city. Tomorrow is John Jay open house. My body as I’ve said in many posts needs down time. I needed to listen and say NO to things. This wonderful disease needed to take front seat so I can focus on other things another day.  I definitely was smarter and didn’t book myself for activities everyday this coming week like the last week was. The difference will be I hopefully won’t be writing on Saturday in an extreme case of exhaustion. Sometimes I can’t control how the week goes, which was definitely the case last week and it causes to much havoc but I got it under control to set up for a lovely week ahead.  I certainly hope everyone has a lovely day and week themselves.


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  1. Don’t give up driving to the city yet. Try stopping for a meal or coffee on your way in and back to break up the trip and give yourself a break. That might be what you need at this time. Good luck tomorrow.

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