Falling at home

Falling at home

I spent a lot of time hitting the floor yesterday and not by choice. Since becoming vegan I’ve had episodes of an unsettled belly. Ok I can understand that. However when you try to make a B-line to the ladies room with multiple sclerosis, doesn’t usually workout too well. The term run isn’t in my vocabulary of things I can do anymore and walking fast can cause other issues.


I should be thankful that I can still get up. I find that once I start the episode of falling, I fall more frequently throughout the day. I know logically that makes no sense but it just feels that way. I’ve even brought my second walker into my apartment to use and keep me stable, you’d think that’ll help, I took us all down.  I must have hit my elbow somewhere, somehow during one of these many falls because last night and this morning it hurts. It feels like it did after I got a staphylococcus infection from a cut. The elbow got swollen but it wasn’t bruised. It just isn’t swollen now or bruised on the outside but it hurts. Maybe I bruised a bone, could you bruise a bone? I’m lucky my apartment is carpeted and usually I land on a soft area or my ass, another soft area but COME ON. I think I fell maybe 6-7 times yesterday. Only one of those times were the b-line to the bathroom time. Just was one of those days. For every good day there is always a bad day. I got a lot of love from my dogs yesterday though. They see mommy on the ground and it’s instant playtime. I become the trampoline for them to jump over and on. How could you not smile at that thought? It’s just all part of what any given day can be like. Today, could be great, could suck…we’ll see. I’m going to assume it’s good unless proven wrong.  Happy hump day.

10 tips to help reduce risk of falls http://www.everydayhealth.com/hs/living-better-with-ms-guide/prevent-ms-falls-at-home/.

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  1. I stumble a lot through the day. And I’m really falling three or four times a month. And when I fall I really fall. Usually for the rest of the day I just feel off-balance and very timid. It’s not fun, is it?

  2. Ouchy that does not sound like a good way to spend the day! Thankfully I’m very good at correcting my balance but that quick shift in the weight through either leg just destroys the day. I just tend to bounce off the walls, hoping they are structurally sound otherwise I may bring the building down ?! Take care and hope the falls reduce.

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