The nor’easter means I’m home bound

The nor’easter means I’m home bound

New York and the surrounding area is expecting a nor’easter tomorrow. Basically it means that everyone in the tri-state area makes French toast. You can’t find at the local supermarket eggs, milk or bread. I’ve lived in New York my whole life. I’ve  been through my share of the nor’easter’s, hurricanes, rainstorms, and even windstorms. I have yet  to see a time where we were unable to get a food delivery made to the local store to stock their shelves. Yet every single solitary time a blizzard is expected in New York, it’s pandemonium. Please tell me what a loaf of bread, one gallon of milk and a dozen of eggs will do for you if you loose electricity? That’s the real possibility in these storms, not that we won’t get food replenished but that we loose power. Hello, except for the bread the other stuff will spoil. However illogical it is, every single forecast, same thing. Bare shelves at the supermarket.

OK now that the rant is over. For me with multiple sclerosis, the blizzards create a real problem. Have you ever tried using a walker in a foot of snow? It doesn’t work.  Also since picking up my feet when I walk is an issue, I’m basically dragging my feet along with the snow, doesn’t work. When a forecast comes in expecting a blizzard of a lot of snow, chances are I’m stuck in the house for at least two days. The second day’s problem comes because after the snow ends and shoveled,  places get icy. You ever try using a walker on ice? Doesn’t work. If the cold weather continues and its icy for a couple of days, I could be homebound for a couple of days.  This is yet another downside to my multiple sclerosis. Because I need a walker to walk now, certain weather conditions make using it impossible. Not using isn’t an option, so I’m stuck. Not that I’m usually out all that much, but I do do things most mornings that now would have to be canceled. It’s unfortunate but it’s a fact.   Safety has to come first. One of the downsides to living where I do. So for the next couple of days I watch the world from my window. However snow is so pretty when it covers everything and the roads are quiet. It’s a beautiful time in New York.

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  1. I wish we could take some of your snow, but then again, all the trees here are in full bloom and snow would make them unhappy. I guess we have to wait until next year.

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