What is a multiple sclerosis good day?

What is a multiple sclerosis good day?

What is a multiple sclerosis good day? It’s obviously different for everybody.  Everybody has different symptoms, different challenges, different feelings and different things that they deal with in their daily life. So unfortunately, I can’t speak for everybody, I can only give my opinion.

I want to say that I feel that anybody that has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is a warrior.  If you’re newly diagnosed, and you’ve come through your relapse, you might have come off the battlefield, for now. However you will be back again at some point.  The good news is the drugs for the relapsing remitting MS are getting better and better. For most of us that have had MS for some time now, especially those of us more secondary MS,  we live on the battlefield. I live on the battlefield. Every day is a challenge, every day is a fight.

Yesterday was a good day for me. So what does a good day consist of? I woke up yesterday morning at 5:45 AM. I did my Zumba in a chair. I’ve knocked down my exercise to 30 minutes a day because even at that length of time, I still can’t walk after for about an hour.  My legs came back to most of their strength. At least, most of the strength they are able to get back.  I then  participated  in my tai chi class. I do a Sun tai chi which I can sit for. It’s very relaxing. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to walk after, I don’t know why, yesterday I was in good shape.  I was in such good shape I went over to the local Trader Joes grocery store.  This is an easy store, it’s not a big supermarket, to go and get a couple of things and walk out. For me any type of shopping is a big deal.  When I’m able to go into the store, it’s like a mini celebration. I was able to walk five steps to grab a shopping cart instead of having to take out my walker. This way the shopping cart acts as my walker. Not having to take the walker in and out of the car is much easier, less unnecessary exertion is always a plus.

The highlights to the rest of the day were as follows:

  • I was able to recover from my little food shopping outing within an hour
  • I was able to get from my couch to the bathroom without an accident
  • I was able to heat up my lunch and dinner and eat with my normal utensils not have to switch to the lighter plastic wear
  • I had NO falls so I had no new bruises

That is what makes for a good day for me with multiple sclerosis.

Today I send out love to all the MS WARRIORS out there fighting everyday. Keep your head high, you’re not alone. Hoping for those good days for everyone.


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