My current list of medications for my MS

My current list of medications for my MS

With any chronic Illness, I think our medicine cabinet becomes a small pharmacy. I thought I’d give a list of what I am taking for my multiple sclerosis, the dosage and the reason. I’ve included links to my other posts if I have information that I thought was useful on a particular drug or vitamin. This post is an added plus for me. I can print and give to doctors instead of rewriting each drug I take on their medical forms. ??

  • Rituxan-this is my main MS drug. Rituxan is NOT technically approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for multiple sclerosis but it’s sister Ocrelizumab is coming out which is. I’ve explained the comparison between the two in this post  It’s basically the same thing and very frustrating that the FDA won’t recognize it as such.
  • Biotin the vitamin 300mg per day. This is based on the clinical studies done I have the link to the studies and my 3 month take on biotin in this post. You need this from a specialty pharmacy you can not get this over the counter in this high dosage, but you don’t need a prescription.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid vitamin 1200mg. Also had a study done regarding multiple sclerosis. I have the information from the study in this post.
  • Gabapentin 300mg generic for neurontin take up to 3 times a day. I take this for my twitches I get and these weird back like seizures I get.
  • Baclofen 10mg take up to 3 times a day. I take this is for a muscle relaxer and it’s an anti spastic agent.
  • Toviaz 4mg for an overactive bladder my godsend.
  • Topiramate 75mg for migraines also my godsend.
  • Relpak 40mg for migraines take as needed
  • B12 vitamin 2000mcg
  • Vitamin D 5000mg
  • Fiber pills

8 thoughts on “My current list of medications for my MS

    1. I’ll be honest it’s not as good as Flexerol which your already taking. The weed is better when the pain is really bad but it’s does keep it quiet when it’s at a lower threshold, if that makes sense

        1. I take 600mg gabapentin 3 times a day!
          10mg baclofen 150mg topiromate 100mg amitriptolyne a 75pcg fentonyl patch every 2 days
          And a 5% lidocaine plaster

          And I think I’d be a mess without them

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