My MRI epiphanies and me

My MRI epiphanies and me

I’m scheduled for an MRI today I am looking forward to it. I think I touched upon this topic one other time but since I haven’t had an MRI since I started blogging, I’m talking about it again. Why do I like going to an MRI?  I can tell you it’s not for the results. I’ve had multiple sclerosis for 19 years, the MRI’s show what they are going to show. However, I used to get them on average two times a year, the sounds have become very familiar to me.  They’ve become so familiar that an MRI puts me in such a meditative trance. It’s probably the best meditation I get.  I’ve had my best to epiphanies in an MRI.

In early 2001, was my epiphany to become a bookkeeper. I answered an ad that ended up being for a nursing home, which I worked for 13 years.  One of my MRI’s, I decided to quit smoking. Granted there were some hiccups on that road but the decision to quit was made during the MRI. I ended a friendship after an MRI. Well it wasn’t a friendship exactly, it was a friends with benefits situation that the benefits were starting to become one-sided in. I was so sad because I liked the guy but I stuck to my guns and ended it myself. I also started to realize my spiritual path in my last MRI. I didn’t start practicing it yet, but I was very aware I needed a change in my life.

Yesterday I had the most amazing news from the universe. I am still completely speechless that it even happened. I will hopefully blog about it tomorrow but I’m riding high on my spiritual plane.  Going in to my favorite MRI trance I can’t wait to see what I’ll be thinking of by the time I get out. Maybe it will be nothing but I wonderful meditation or maybe it will be another life altering idea.  19 years I’ve listen to these sounds, who’d ever think an MRI would be a good experience.

The results my doctor and I will go over in my next appointment. They usually are the same. Some grey matter spots are slightly larger in diameter, some smaller. Some lesions disappeared some appeared, same stuff different year. I can’t worry, I know how I feel and I don’t need an MRI to tell me it’s worse so I have nothing to be worried or upset about.

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