Weekly weigh-in, vegan check-in, infomercial purchase

Weekly weigh-in, vegan check-in, infomercial purchase

I came home from physical therapy, completely spent. I put on the television and there was an infomercial on for the Veggie Bullet. Within 13 seconds I was online checking it out.  I use a Cuisinart food processor that I received as an engagement gift. Let’s just say that if I was still married, yesterday, May 25, would’ve been my 21st Anniversary.  So the Cuisinart was an engagement gift which was easily received a year before that. It mostly works fine but I can only use it on pulse.  I can never turn it on and walk away. My finger has to be on the button making it go, but it works.  Now that I’m vegan, I use the food processor all the time. I really thought about getting another one because I only have three blades and I can’t do much, but I didn’t want to spend the money.  Then I see this infomercial. I am now a proud owner of a veggie bullet.

I made a commitment last week , out loud, on my blog, about losing 20 pounds. I’ve told everybody about my shoulder tendonitis so I can’t really work out. Not that my workouts do much, due to MS, I’m working out in a chair, so my weight loss has to be on diet alone. I’m vegan now 6 months, you’d think it was easy. It was, I was doing really well until I found vegan cookies and doughnuts. Then all my bad habits kicked in. Plus a broken scale gave me a false sense of where I was. Yesterday was my weight day, I lost a pound I’m now 153.8. I’m not going to put up all my stats or take pictures but I’ll share each weigh in. To be vegan, you have to cook. Which I did this week and it definitely makes a difference. Now that my veggie bullet is here I am going to be able to do a whole bunch of things with veggies. I’m excited.

I’m putting together my next shopping order. The first thing I’m trying is the vegan lasagna.  I’m going to make a ribbon zucchini and squash with tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese.  I say I’m vegan but I try to eat plant-based as much as possible. The difference between plant-based and vegan is not using oil or refined sugars.  In the plant-based world there’s no vegan cheese, there’s no vegan mayonnaise, there’s no using coconut oil or white sugar.  When I found my vegan cookies, I sort of forgot this fact. Anyway I’m getting back on track. I’m trying to eat right. I’m try to cook right. I’m thrilled to have fun with my veggie bullet. I will continue to update each week. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Happy Friday.


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  1. This is great 🙂 goodluck with it!! Healthy living is an amazing transforming choice and I am (slowly) making progress towards what works for me. I have a friend who is plant-based, if you wanted to check out her site/blog? This is the link: http://plantbasedbride.com/
    No pressure, this post just made me think of making the connection, but I understand everyone has their own method. All the best! xx

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