Smile it’s contagious

Smile it’s contagious

Yesterday I drove to physical therapy as normal and when I was getting out of my car, I realized how hot and humid it really was out. Normally I wouldn’t go on days like that, but I was there already, I wasn’t going to turn around and go home. So I hobbled my way in and the normal secretary, Millie, was there. Not thinking anything new, I did my typical good morning smile with a  “happy Friday Millie, how you doing on this hot, humid Friday morning?”Millie’s reply was, “it’s is always so nice to see you because you always come in happy and upbeat. I’m at my desk still half asleep your smiling face walks through the door and it’s contagious”.  I just smiled back and said “I’m glad I can make you smile.”

Everyday, we have choices. Everyday things come across our path that can with makes us smile or make us frown. Life definitely can throw us unexpected twists and turns and it becomes our choice how we decided to deal with it. Many, many years ago, I use to be the restaurant manager of Pizza Hut. I remember seeing this firsthand on my shifts, but I didn’t understand it enough until later in life. If I started my shift in a bad mood, or let something turn my mood angry, the shift turned the same way. The night would have constant problems, the staff would have attitudes. The customers were meaner. It never failed. On the flip side, when I was in a great mood the shift ran great. The night would be flawless and any problem would be slight. I use to start those shifts playing my favorite song on the jukebox, all my workers would groan but they knew…that would set the tone of the night. To this day when I hear the song I still smile and get that feeling. (The song was Connected by Stereo MC).

Moods, smiles, feelings, they are contagious. People around you pick up on what you feel. People pick up your vibration. I believe that it also draws the same type of people to you. If your constantly on a dark cloud, that’s what your going to bring to your life. You have total control over your thoughts and with that you control how things affect you. It is easier to smile at a stranger than to frown. Just something to think about. ☺️🤗😊😀😄😌😃🤔

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