I’m getting stressed, can I get this done?

I’m getting stressed, can I get this done?

Started the day off with a fall. Nothing serious, I just a tripped over something. Couldn’t regain my balance and down I went. I think I tripped over a sweatshirt. It was nice that as I was lying on the floor, and both my dogs looked over at me. My little puppy even came off the bed to check to see if I was OK. Never the way I’d like to start the morning.

Have to be honest, the stress is starting to mount. Besides the fact that I’m moving a week from Wednesday, life is going on as well. I have appointments I have to take my daughter too. Shes leaving for her dad’s and needs to be at the airport. I need to see a doctor to still figure out what’s going on with me. I’m going away this weekend. I’ve received mail that needs to hat be addressed. Life doesn’t really care that I’m moving. Plus where I have all my gifts for my family. I wrapped nothing. I would never be able to wrap anything because of my hands and my MS. Which means I need gift bags. Such a simple thing, but I can’t just run into a store. Life doesn’t work like that for me. Since today I have to go make copies of keys, I’m hoping to go into a store that has bags. I’m just gonna overpay and get them there. My meditation practice has been near impossible lately. I feel a lot of pressure on my shoulders. I’ve tried to be really cool about it, but I’m really getting a little overwhelmed as we get closer and closer to the moving date. I know it will all get done, but it’s just the way I go about a task that I put expectations on me to be an overachiever. I know I really have time to get it all done, it just feels like I don’t.

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