Searching for an answer

Searching for an answer

I blog every day. However I have to admit, some days I have no idea what to say. I just start writing and whatever comes out, comes out. I ended up putting a title on it at the very end. Today is one of those days. I can write about packing and how tired I am, but I think I’ve expressed that I’m about 8 blog posts already. I made an appointment with my neurologist on Thursday to discuss what could be happening with my weight gain. Something is definitely wrong. I don’t eat a lot. I certainly don’t eat enough to gain weight. The most fattening thing I put in my mouth in the past three months was a tiny sugar cookie. Hardly anything that would cause my body to hold onto weight. I’ve diagnosed myself with Cushing’s disease. I’ve had a benign tumor in the back of my pituitary gland easily for 10-15 years. My doctor always told me don’t worry about it because it’s benign. The more I read about Cushing’s disease, its one aspect is a benign tumor in the pituitary gland and the other is excessive use of steroids. This all started about the beginning of October which is why by the end of October I went to weight watchers. I had steroids again in late August. I may be reaching, however this is a fairly simple test. I already have the MRI done, now it’s just more blood-work to check my cortisol levels. I’m pretty sure it’s not the thyroid. The high dose biotin can cause a false negative in a thyroid test. I was just fortunate to have two blood work done back to back one that proved my thyroid was fine and one that showed my levels were high. I am off the biotin until i do blood work one more time. I just know in my heart of hearts somethings not right. It’s not just the weight either. It’s the fatigue. Yes, I have MS and fatigue is a huge factor, but it’s been really bad lately from doing really minimal things. I haven’t had this kind of fatigue in a very long time, especially since I stopped working. I know this moving and packing has put an enormous amount of stress on me. Not to mention this part too started around September and all this could be nothing. I just feel that something isn’t right and I know my body, especially with weight loss. I’ve kept off 50 pounds for more than eight years. I know how to keep my weight off. To be so good and watch everything I’m eating and to be constantly seeing the scale rise little by little, something isn’t right. I just have to keep figuring it out until I find an answer. I’m so sorry this is another weight post. I know I’m obsessive. I also want everybody to know that when it comes to your body nobody knows you like you do. Whether it’s MS or some other chronic illness you know when somethings not right and you know when you have to find the answer. That’s all this is is just me searching for the answer.

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  1. Hello

    First I want to say I love your blog. You are beautiful inside and out. Heres what I found when watching my weight, I give myself one day a month, its called my junk day. I eat whatever I want, only that day. It works every time, I jump start my weight loss by cheating one day a month. As I get older I find its harder to keep the pounds off but it works. Good luck darling

    1. Thank you for your compliment. I honestly do the same for a weekend. I did it for years. I hit my lifetime at weight watchers years and years ago and would only go back if I felt things were slightly out of control. It was infrequent but it happened. I was up 8 lbs when I joined weight watchers now I’m up 10. Just frustrated. ☹️

  2. Hi, I just found your blog but I like it. I will probably become a regular reader… maybe not everyday because I have a toddler and he doesn’t always give me time to sit and read, but I’ll read when I can. Just curious, do you take any medications for the MS? A lot of medications have weight gain as a side effect so if you’ve recently begun a new medication that could have something to do with it.

    1. Hi welcome to my blog. It is a jumble of everything. I’ve had MS for 20 years ?. I’m on Ocrevus but I was on Rituxan it’s sister for the year prior. It’s really not new, I wish it was that simple. My doctors know if weight gain is a side effect I won’t take it lol. That and the one that you can loose your hair.

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