Have a very happy hump day

Have a very happy hump day

It’s the hump day. That middle of the week where it’s all downhill to Friday. I’ve been up since roughly 5:30 this morning. I’m exhausted. I couldn’t sleep. I should change that, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Not sleeping is like an instant bad day with MS. I just wrote the ticket for the day. Not that I could’ve controlled it, I just know how my body is when I don’t sleep.

My daughter was up all night studying for her last final of the fall semester. This is the one class she had a lot of problems with. These tests were cumulative and have a lot of definitions. Plus the teacher never gave review sheets. So she had like five or six chapters to study and the questions could’ve been on just about anything. It was very difficult for her. She is not use to studying like that. She can’t hold the information. She had to be in the city by 8:00 for one class and then this final. I guess I just knew how nervous she was, so when I woke up it was really what I was thinking about too.

Of course I have three days left that I’m actually home before I move. Still 1000 phone calls I have to make it. It always seems to hit you in the middle the night. Why is that? Why do you wake up in the middle the night and say oh my God, I have to call…? And it happens all the time, right? Those questions hit me at 5 o’clock this morning. Those middle of the night lists. I really should keep a pen and paper by my night table. It would probably make my life easier.

Although yesterday I did go through one of my really fun boxes that I’ve had put away for 20 years. It’s my U2 box. It had all of my U2 books that I had since I was a kid. Every picture that hung on my wall when I was a teenager. Every boot leg record I bought. I even had a whole bunch of 45 records. Remember those? I kept the 45s of U2 and all the bootleg records. I kept all the books that I didn’t cut up in 1 million pieces for the pictures. I kept all my U2 postcards. I found some old pictures of me and my sisters and me and my friends from high school. It was fun to go through that box. God I was a huge U2 fan.

Today I continue to pack. I don’t have anything to see you tonight so hopefully I’ll get to sleep early. Because my energy is going to be diminished quickly. I need to sleep. For everybody who is working, have a very happy Wednesday. Enjoy the hump.

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