It’s all in a name

It’s all in a name

My sister was at least 30 years old when my grandfather realized that her name had each initial of her grandparents. It was crazy her name is four letters and each letter represented her grandparents Arthur, Bernie, Rachel and Irene. My daughter, whose name was picked before I even met my husband, her initials are MS. Not only did I have her name picked out before I even met my husband, but my husband and I had a name change on our last name. His last name was Wah. My grandfather had an issue with that. He was an old-school Orthodox Jewish man and really wanted us to not face life but the minority name. So he paid for us to change it. For my ex-husband he didn’t mind, he didn’t speak to his father. We chose his grandmother’s maiden name. Besides going through life and school having the same last name as my child, which is just easier, I really kept the name because technically my family paid for it. Plus it sounds cool, Jamie Starr. I get compliments on my name all the time. Even though I was diagnosed with MS before she was born, it took me a couple years to realize that my daughter’s first name and her last name have the initials MS.

I was just thinking strange things like that today. My friends has three kids and their initials in order spell the word sad. I’m not saying he has a bad life because he certainly doesn’t, but it hasn’t been easy either. Just coincidences I know, but I guarantee somebody out there has the same kind of a weird thing as well. So this morning I figured I’d ask, does anybody else have this strange name coincidences in their family?

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