Reviewing DoTerra vitality pack

Reviewing DoTerra vitality pack

Good morning and happy Wednesday, middle of the week, hump day. I didn’t have my view yesterday. It was so much fog out here I couldn’t even see the water. Today I can see the water so I am automatically happy. Sitting down with both of my dogs on my lap and feeling good. I started taking the DoTerra vitality vitamins and supplements over a week ago. My review so far is it’s a lot of pills. However, for me, since I really don’t take any sort of multivitamin, which is awful, this is an amazing multivitamin to be taking. Probably because it’s not just a multivitamin. It’s a combination of a cell support, micro nutrients and omegas which I should have been taking for years. The pills don’t make me nauseous at all and I don’t urinate the excess out because my body uses it all. I probably do have a little more energy, not tons, but there might be a little bit. I have still fallen asleep in the afternoon but for shorter time frames. I think I see it most at night. I’ve noticed lately I’ve been sleeping a lot deeper. That also could be why am having accidents, because I’m in a much deeper sleep than normal. I think it’s a combination of the Serenity oil I diffuse in my room and the vitamins. The results of sleeping better at night is I wake up feeling better. That’s my view, so far, and it’s only been a little over a week. They say just gets better the longer you’re on it.

Today on the agenda, I’m visiting my friend at his work. Later this afternoon I finally have my MS fitness coach coming to do a lesson in my pool. I’m very excited about that, I think she’s even excited about that. I’m hoping she gives me a routine today I can duplicate again on Friday. I made the commitment that I was going to be in the pool three days a week. I went in on Monday, today will be two and Friday will be three. On Monday what I ended up doing was walking a breaststroke. Since my legs can’t do the stroke and my arms can, I walked back-and-forth. I was tired at the end. It was something and I was just so grateful to be moving again. Let’s see if it helps the weight move.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “Reviewing DoTerra vitality pack

  1. Excited to see how your session goes! Yes, I haven’t been able to do a breaststroke kick for a long time, either. But we use our strengths to overcome our weaknesses.

  2. Glad to hear your view is back, Jamie, and with it your happiness. 🙂

    Thank you for keeping up your posting. I’ve been skipping my exercises lately, and you’ve inspired me to get back after it. I hope your pool lesson goes well also!

  3. Best wishes Jaime with having your MS fitness couch! I am so excited to see how fantastic it works for you! You are an incredibly strong woman so I believe you will excel rapidly with this! Sending you lots of love and comfort, always!!!

    1. I love hearing from you. You give me strength and happiness like a little coach on my shoulders saying yes you can. ?. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better too.

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