I’m not drunk I have MS

I’m not drunk I have MS

I have this shirt that says, I’m not drunk I have MS. The shirt always makes me laugh because you really do come across sometimes like you’re completely drunk. I remember when I used to work the reason I disclosed that I had MS was for that very reason. I didn’t want to have to be drug tested at work every day. I just do the goofiest, silliest things that must look humorous to an on looker.

I’ve had the dropsies lately. Things are just in my hands and then there just not. Or when I drop them and I go to pick them up I kick them. Do you ever do that? Just a very spastic thing. I go to grab something and instead of grabbing it I kind a slap it because my coordination isn’t quite right. I really just end up hitting it completely out of my reach instead of grabbing it like I intended it. Yesterday I slid off my toilet. I don’t know what I did but when I slid off the toilet I tried to stop myself and I grab the back tank and pulled that off a little. All I know is I found a rather large rusty screw on the floor next to the toilet today. That certainly can’t be a good thing. Sometimes when I’m falling with the walker, since I’m not usually going very fast, it’s like a slow-motion fall. I’m just like I’m going down and I just go down little by little by little. People must just look at me and be like how? I’m like a one woman comedy show. Probably the most hilarious thing I did was in my old apartment. I slid off the toilet there and ended up in the bathtub. In doing so I also ended up pulling down the entire shower curtain with the rods on top of me so you can imagine what that scene looked like.

I always wished I had that T-shirt with that saying when I was a little better off and I used to go out all the time. On those nights where I was a little tipsy walking around and I tried to blame it on my MS anyway. However, I purchased it after. I always say you got a laugh at some of it. It’s really is funny providing that I don’t hurt myself. Sliding off the toilet seems to be big thing for me…hmmm maybe I should be slowing down before my landing.

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  1. That is hilarious! I have that same shirt and on a day we could wear t-shirts, I wore it to work! Of course people laughed and some made rude comments but the shirt makes me laugh! I have another shirt that says “I don’t look sick and you don’t look stupid. Looks can be deceiving.” Those shirts make me smile anytime I wear them!!
    I hope you are doing well today and feeling okay! Continue to keep your fantastic outlook on life!

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