4 Core Stability Exercises for MS

4 Core Stability Exercises for MS

Happy Friday. I had my physical therapy evaluation yesterday. This year it’s all about the core. Or I should say the lack of core. I have four exercises I need to do every day. Very simple exercises, for normal people. However, I’m not normal people. These four exercises are very difficult for me. I was exhausted after doing them. I’ve explained this so many times in this blog, fatigue is not just tired. It’s exhaustion where are your muscles are so heavy it’s hard to move. Four exercises, that’s all it took. This is my homework. The first exercise wasn’t one I did yesterday but one I need to do everyday to stretch my hamstring muscle.

The next exercise may look simple, a bridge raise, squeeze your butt muscles. Well when your core is weak, difficulty lies not only in raising your hips up but in keeping your knees up straight. I also had a towel to squeeze in between my thighs as i lifted.

I think this is the one that caused me to really fatigue. A simple raise of the knee to your chest. It’s all your core muscles doing the work. When your weak in your core, this is no joke. Also both legs stayed bent for this.

Finally is a leg stretch that I used a towel with. The towel went behind my knee so I could pull up my leg further for a better stretch. My legs are dead weights in this position so my arms were doing all the work to pull and hold my leg in this position. Again a reason for my fatigue.

7 days a week this needs to be done. My core muscles are still in there, somewhere. MS has robbed me of feeling them and controlling them. However, they can still be strengthened and that’s the plan.

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