Weigh-in day

Weigh-in day

Happy Saturday. So I had to change my subscription at weight watchers to online only. It made no sense, at this point, for me to keep going just to weigh in. My scale at home always match their scale to the point and I never stay for the meeting anyway. Since my three month subscription was up and I don’t want to quit, I figured it was a good switch and wasn’t as expensive.

Since I started weight watchers on October 23, I have gained 1.2 pounds. There was a couple weeks that I finally gave up and ate and didn’t track anything. That wasn’t why I gained weight though. I was struggling the entire time and I have no idea why. I saw three different doctors, had three different blood works and everything came back normal. The conclusion was between both my primary doctor and my neurologist that my MS has reached a point where my activity is so limited that my body just doesn’t burn enough calories. Even on a limited diet watching everything I eat it’s not enough. I could’ve gone further, seeing specialists, but there really wasn’t anything to discuss.

So I did the only thing I could think of and I started making sure I worked out. I used to work at every morning. Six days a week. I would do Zumba, Cize, or some other form of exercise in the chair. It was far from a high calorie burn but I guess it really made a difference. The reason it stopped wasn’t the MS, it was my shoulder tendinitis. I’m happy to report that it is healed, at least I think it is. I haven’t needed a cortisone shot since June. I’m still fearful of doing the exercises in the chair that it will start to act up again so I decided what better place than a pool. Guess what? I have a pool in my new condo. I made the commitment to be there three days a week. In all honesty it feels good to be moving again. I’ll be in physical therapy twice a week and that will be five days of exercise. I might add on the weekends a chair Zumba 30 minute exercise. First let me adapt to my new schedule.

I weighed in today at 157.8. I’m hoping with the activity, my new vitamin regime and continuing to eat right, the weight will start to come back off again. I decided to take things in smaller goals. Right now my goal is simply 155.0. I also decided not to put time limits on it. I made a deal with myself once a week and only once a week to step on the scale. I have to forgive myself and my body. It’s not something I’m doing wrong I’m eating right and I can’t do much more about that. My clothes still fit me and for me weight has always been a mental disturbance. Now, as part of my morning affirmations, I thank each part of my body. I need to change my thinking and appreciate all the wonderful things my body does and overcomes.

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