Spirit Junkie Masterclass 2

Spirit Junkie Masterclass 2

I did something I never do, I put physical therapy with occupational therapy. This is the fatigue kind of exhausted where everything in my body is just done. I did it because I had to cancel on Friday for good reasons. I’m going away. First I’m going to parents weekend and seeing my daughter in Albany. Then I’m going to spirit junkie master class 2. I did the first class over a year ago in NYC https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/05/30/mandatory-sisters-to-voluntary-best-friends/. I wrote this blog about it and my sister before I went. I wanted to improve our relationship by spending time together. Truth is our relationship IS is so much better. We both grew that weekend with each other and our relationship is on a different level. I am so lucky that once again she is able to be with me for the second class.

This one is a 5 day retreat in Massachusetts. It is still a class to help hone in my skills to achieve becoming a life coach for chronically ill people or to write a book or even to make my blog more efficient. It’s is to help me achieve my highest good to serve others. I remember at the end of the last class I was literally buzzing although I was physically and mentally exhausted. I expect this to be no different. It is taught by one of my mentors Gabby Bernstein and just being in her presences is exciting. However as excited as I am for this course, I am just as excited to do this again with my sister. Many things had to align in the universe and they did, making this event possible for both of us. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity we both are about to have.

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  1. That sounds brilliant Jamie! I hope that you have a great time with your sister. I remember how much you loved the first course – enjoy ?

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