Why? I had to be in the city today for an early morning doctor appointment. Of course today it’s pouring. That means extra traffic and slower conditions leave earlier. That was my intention as well as my step dads wish but of course that isn’t what happened. This was all thanks to me and my wonderful multiple sclerosis issues.

I got up fine. Got dressed took care of my dogs, all good. It was my shoes. I can’t wear my easier to get on shoes because I have a painful blister. Didn’t matter, couldn’t find them anyway. It took me 15 minutes to get my shoes on. Plus my blister is still throbbing. Exhausted I had to get my walker in my car alone which is always an ordeal. Then a normal 15 minute trip to my mom and step dad took 30 minutes. Crazy traffic. Forcing me to stop and go killing my leg. Of course I had to use the bathroom before we left but it isn’t easy for me to get into their house anymore. All this took an additional 30 minutes. We wanted to leave by 7:30 we left by 8.

Now with traffic it is saying we should arrive in the city by 10:09. The appointment is at 9:30. I’m sweating because of the steroids. Wet from the puddles I couldn’t step over and walked through. Miserable because it’s raining. Oh and Traumatized from this morning events. Wonderful day and it’s 8:44.

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