I want coffee and a hamburger

I want coffee and a hamburger

I was up early today to do a double therapy. I don’t like to put them both together but I had to this morning. I had occupational first and then physical therapy. I’m now exhausted and I haven’t had any coffee yet. I just got home. Immediately put my feet up. Have my Marshy already perched on my lap the coffee is brewing. I want coffee. I love coffee. I need a cup of coffee and then I could continue my day.

I have dinner plans with my friend. We are going for hamburgers. We’ve been talking about which hamburger place to go to for three days and I’ve been craving hamburgers each day. Excited to finally be going. Excited about a hamburger is this what life has become? Yes I guess so because I’m excited. Yummy they look so good. I’m blowing the Keto diet and eating the bread and fries too. I might even have a shake. My mouth is watering already but first is my coffee. One step at a time. Happy hump day.

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