Not much to say

Not much to say

Not much to say because I haven’t done much. However because I haven’t done much I could say that I feel pretty good. I’ve worked out every morning doing my little Cize videos from Beachbody After that I do A course miracles followed by a meditation and then I write my blog. My afternoons of been really quiet because my car has been by my mom and my stepdad getting ready to be taken into Honda and returned. I kind of been homebound which for someone with multiple sclerosis isn’t such a bad thing. It’s giving me a lot of time to rest and truthfully I think my body kind of needed it. I think that’s why I feel good.

I started watching an older series that is no longer on TV called Fringe. I’m really into that so I haven’t an even minded being home. I did miss mahjong this week which I was a little bummed about because that I really like. I will make it to therapy tomorrow and I was at therapy on Monday. So the week wasn’t a total waste and I was still moving in the middle. Plus anytime I get to be with my dogs I’m usually happy. They’re really cute. 😊

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