Spiritual session Saturday-signs from the universe

Spiritual session Saturday-signs from the universe

Signs are there all the time but most people aren’t in tune to either their own intuition or to the universe around them. The signs are always there when your ready to see them although they can be very subtle. Signs can be anything like seeing number sequences over and over like 1111, 2222 for me it is my 1122 which is my angel sign. It could be a song that seems to come on the radio every time your in the car. Strange coincidental things keep happening but things that only mean something to you. These are all signs from the universe.

You can ask for signs to see if you are on the right track about something. I usually do this in a meditation and my sign is always the same the number 22. However it is my number 22 in odd places and I know the difference. It isn’t me looking up at the clock every five minutes until it says 5:22. That doesn’t count. I also set a time limit so I know if I don’t see my sign that is my answer.

Sometimes the signs aren’t so clear and you need time to figure it out. This week I had crazy signs from the universe. My ex-boyfriend followed me and my daughter on Instagram. Since I’m public and I know he reads my blog it wasn’t a big deal. Three days later my Firestick friend came over and for the first time EVER brought a friend. This friend was a complete doppelgänger for my ex. I mean shook me to the core. I was literally shell shocked. They were almost identical in mannerisms and demeanor. I think I even lost my breath in a gasp of fear when I first opened my door. Not a sign of a person totally cool with everything. Of course that night I had a dream about my ex. I can’t say the last time he was in a dream of mine. In my dream he was his typical nonchalant self not caring if I followed him or not on social media because he’d have many others if not me following him. In my dream I was insecure letting him go like I was when we dated. The next day between tv and therapy I think I heard the word doppelgänger twice or more.

The universe was saying something. It took me another day or two to realize what was the message. I’ve forgiven him but mostly myself for the past relationship. Yet I still have some residual fear over being hurt like I was in that relationship. I also have fear over losing me again like I did. That’s a big part. I am also still hurt by that relationship. It took me a long time to work through that pain and build myself up again from the scraps that were left. That innocent follow on Instagram really didn’t hit me so innocently when I really thought about it. I was shocked after all this time. I haven’t let it all go, most of it, but not all. So I requested to follow him back. Why? Because it’s ok. I’m ok. I’m happy. I’ve forgiven myself. I think that was the realization I took from all those crazy signs from the universe this week.

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