Where’s the snow?

Where’s the snow?

A storm was coming expecting snowfalls of 4-8 inches. I was excited to have at least one snow storm this winter even though it housebounds me. It is very hard to navigate outside with mounds of snow and ice. It is hard to walk if you actually have balance, which I do not. No walker in the world will assist me on snow and ice. My scooter also can prove difficult. It’s like being stuck in the mud in the movie My Cousin Vinny one tire spins and the other goes nowhere. Those tires have no traction and you get stuck. So to wish for snow shouldn’t be a disappointment for me when I wake up.

Yet I woke up and there was nothing!!! There wasn’t even 1/2 an inch of snow. Like WTF!!! I was watching those forecasts until 10:00 last night. Each one claiming the heaviest of snowfall after midnight. It said that we could see as much as 3 inches an hour fall. Whoop whoop. It’s so pretty to wake up to a white world all quiet from a blanket of snow. Yet it was nothing. NOTHING!!! I mean really haven’t we made any progress in predicting weather patterns yet? How do we still get this so wrong?

Well I’m not housebound now but it is March 4 and the chance of a snowstorm for the season is quite minimal. No white blanket for me to see. Oh well. Maybe it will mean a not so hot summer, that would work well for my MS. However I’m pretty sure they are unrelated in forecasting summer weather. Please, forecasters can’t even forecast the weather for the current season.

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