I’m scared of this MS symptom

I’m scared of this MS symptom

I’ve written about this before but it happened again yesterday and it really scared me. https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/01/23/multiple-sclerosis-serious-symptoms-respitory-issues/ I woke up not feeling well. I had this heavy feeling in my chest. Not like the MS hug symptom which is the tightening feeling through your chest like congestion, simple congestion in my chest. I just couldn’t produce a cough that would move the mucus up and out. I spent the whole day trying to cough, using my Doterra oils and drinking tea with ginger. I just couldn’t clear my lungs. I was able to breathe it wasn’t that I was gasping for air or anything but I felt the mucous in the way. It was literally causing me to not feel well.

Finally at around 6pm after the whole day I was able to produce a serious of coughs that moved the mucous. It actually left me feeling almost pained as if I scratched my throat up. It was very bizarre. I finally felt a little better. This was just a slight congestion not even a full blown cold. What would happen if I got bronchitis? Would it immediately turn into an pneumonia because it would sit in my lungs? This is what scares me because my inability to cough continues to get worse.

I see my neurologist on Friday for a new electric wheelchair evaluation and I am going to have to bring this up. I’ll be honest I think I’ve brought it up to him but I don’t even remember. It’s not something that happens often so I might not have remembered by the time I see him. This time I’m going to remember. However, everything I read about it talks about breathing and the lungs and it doesn’t say anything about therapy with coughing. I’m not even sure who I see or what I do. Does this fall under speech pathology or therapeutic pathology? This just scared the hell out of me again. I need to get some help. This can’t go without medical assistance or therapy.

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