Being proactive with MS symptoms

Being proactive with MS symptoms

Yesterday I wrote about the seriousness of weakened chest muscles and multiple sclerosis I’m scared of this MS symptom. I haven’t seen my doctor yet but I received some advice from people that I thought I’d share that would also help.

  1. Purchase an Incentive Spirometer

. There are many types of spirometers but this one is used to help increase patients lung function.

2. A humidifier A smart idea to keep moisture in the air to keep congestion as loose as possible.

3. A respiratory therapist. That was the person I couldn’t thing of yesterday and I thank Ed for his comment.

4. My Breathe Oil from Doterra which did make a difference. Just put it right onto my chest and it helped me breathe and break up the congestion. It will also work in the humidifier I purchased on amazon.

5. Keep Mucinex tablets in the house to help break up congestion if needed.

My mother pointed out, correctly I may add, as with everything else with my MS, I have to be proactive. Even though these episodes don’t happen frequently they are dangerous enough and they can’t be ignored. I can’t forget about them or pretend they don’t exist. I need to be smart and I need to be safe. Therefore even the smallest thing can make a difference.

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