My first outing alone

My first outing alone

I received a call early in the morning that my aid’s son was sick she wouldn’t be making it to me for the day. However, yesterday was mahjong and I wanted to go. This is why I got a handicap van for my independence, right? So I decided I was going to go.

I was more worried about getting out of my house without my dogs running out the door on me. I decided to be very proactive. My word for the week. I brought my scooter out by the door earlier than I had to leave with my sneakers in the chair. I put out two dog cookies they’d get when I left and I secured the dog gate. Then I sat down again until it was time to go.

It just so happened my maintenance guy for the condo was right outside my place when I went to leave. He’s so good to me. He helped me and actually put my sneakers on for me, which proved a little more difficult than anticipated. He also helped me out into the van, although I didn’t need it. It was an easy transition in the van to the drivers seat and I was off.

I had no problems at the place other than a few doors. With the wheelchair and the van everything was easy peasy. I was so excited for my first outing alone and proud of myself I had to share it with everyone. This is why I wanted the van so badly. In one week it has given me so much happiness and freedom already I can’t be more thankful to everyone that helped me get this accomplished.

7 thoughts on “My first outing alone

  1. Gongrats on your van and newly found independence!

    I would comment more if I did not have to re-enter my contact info each time.

    “Raising MS Awareness with Every Lake I Swim”

    1. Oh that’s annoying didn’t realize I had that setting on comments.
      Thank you though about my independence and I’m going to see about getting that off

  2. Enjoying your posts 🙂
    Check out my web page when you have a moment.
    Still threatening to start my blog 🙂

  3. You look so happy in your picture! Well done Jamie, you should be proud of yourself 🙂 Here’s to your new found independence!

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