Friday morning venture

Friday morning venture

I went to my neurologist this morning for a wheelchair assessment appointment. I have an electric wheelchair plus my travel scooter already. My electric wheelchair isn’t in the greatest shape. I bought it online and it is so much better than the scooter but it doesn’t go exactly straight. It goes to the left. I’ve learned how to navigate with this issue but it is slightly annoying. The tires also need some help. Needless to say that’s why I was at the neurologist to do this checklist for Hoveround.

Since I was there I also discussed my issue I had with coughing and getting out chest congestion. He recommended me to a pulmonologist to get to a respiratory therapist to strengthen my chest muscles. He understands that is can become an issue with people with MS and I’m not the first. He just didn’t have a respiratory therapist to send me too. Plus he’d like a doctor to get a baseline.

Well after all that I realized I wasn’t far from my favorite vegan bakery Sweet to Lick. I get to pick up some vegan desserts and some vegan sandwiches for the weekend. Yummy ?. Have a great weekend.

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