Back to weight watchers

Back to weight watchers

I’ve done a lot of yo-yo dieting for the last few years. I for the first time started gaining weight in years on my weight watchers Maintainence plan. When I tried to actually do the weight watchers diet I wasn’t losing weight. I went off strict vegan and added fish. I went off vegan completely and tried keto. I went back to strict vegan. I’ve been all over. The only thing I can show for it is another 5lb weight gain.

I finally decided it was time to go back to what I know will work if I stick to it. I’m good at committing myself to moving and exercise the best I can 5 days a week. I know how to diet and be healthy. I’ve just been out of control with my portions but mostly my snacks. Weight watchers helps me reel it all in.

I actually have a subscription to Noom that is still active right now but for me, this isn’t the greatest system. First it isn’t a diet. It is a food tracker with good food information. It gives you many psychological tricks and tools for weight loss but it doesn’t give you a weight loss plan. I’ve always been good at tracking my food because of weight watchers so this app didn’t offer me something useful that was really helpful to me. I am better off going back to what I know works for me. So here I am, back to the WW the best move for me. Day 1 again with my intermittent fasting still and I’ll update my journey as I go. Happy Monday.

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