Hidden profile on plenty of fish what I learned

Hidden profile on plenty of fish what I learned

  • I made the decision to hide my profile for the few summer months. I get too overheated being out and about in the summer heat. It just isn’t the right time for me. I realized a few things in the short time I was active both about myself and others.
    1. There are people out there that could have interest in someone in a wheelchair. The interest varies I’m sure but I did get contacted by many people with my main picture being me in my chair.
      I like me alone time. I am with my aid 40 hours a week. I love her she’s wonderful but I like having my house to myself. I like the quiet and I don’t get much of it. I don’t want someone else around me 24/7. I wanted something less maybe once a week.
      I don’t want a sexual relationship. I want a companion and friend if anything. I don’t know if that’s dating and I don’t know if that’s on plenty of fish. I want someone I could laugh with and has my mind set. Someone like me maybe with a chronic illness too.
      People on these dating sites are still crazy. They say crazy things, believe crazy things and think they are more than they are. I’m all for confidence but give me a break.
      Men who love dogs are kind of cute. I like the pictures of men with their dogs. I wrote to any man who wrote me that had a picture of their dog. If you could love an animal that much I would think you have a bigger heart for people.
      I’m ok I could meet someone and maybe one day I will and maybe I won’t but I’m ok either way. I’m happy and I’m loved by family and friends. I love my dogs and my home. I’m grateful for my life and where I am. I’m not going to settle just so I’m not alone. I’m ok with being with me if that’s the way it all works out.

    I am not giving up necessarily just pausing but I’m proud of myself for trying again. Maybe I’ll unpause in September and see where that takes me. For now I need to get through the heat.

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