Neurologist appointment complete

Neurologist appointment complete

I didn’t cry. I didn’t leave happy but I didn’t cry. I don’t leave with good news anymore so it is hard to be upbeat. I had three things on my list to discuss:

  1. Bathroom issue
  2. Fatigue
  3. Weight

All discussed in my blog yesterday Neurologist check in tomorrow. This was the outcome.

Bathroom. I was correct and I’m sorry to say this is a common problem amongst people with multiple sclerosis, due to lack of muscle control to lead to constipation or bathroom accidents. Not that I needed my doctor to tell me this I was just hoping for some solution. As expected, he wants me to see a gastroenterologist. He doesn’t want to just prescribe me a laxative for obvious symptomatic reasons. He wants me to seek another professionals help. He also wants me to address with him my third problem of weight.

Weight with the gastroenterologist doctor is a little odd but my neurologist doesn’t believe it is any of my current prescriptions causing the problem since I’ve been on them for so long. He has known me for 21 years and knows how hard I worked to loose 50lbs and keep it ofc for years. He sees the weight gain and is concerned about it as well. The more weight the harder it is for me to get around. He understands my frustration because he’s been on my journey with me for a very long time and knows I understand what to do. He is wondering if it is something in my gut not working properly and the lack of elimination causing some of the problems.

Fatigue without question he wrote a script for the generic form of provigil. He has me starting at 100mg once a day.

My beautiful daughter came with me this morning to the neurologist. I laugh because after I told me then husband my neurologist was the second person to know I was pregnant being recently diagnosed. He has known me for that long. After the doctor I took my girl to this awesome place near there to eat. This place has all kinds of food under one roof. It is a neat place and she was pretty impressed. I let her great anything she wanted. That made me feel better. I even came home and hit me gym to work with weights for a half hour. Now I’m done and ready to relax with my puppies. It’s been a long morning.

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  1. Fingers crossed you get seen quickly to get to the root of the issue! It’s nice that you have such a nice Neurologist too.

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