A fun day

A fun day

Yesterday was a fun day. My mahjong friends came by me and we played mahjong all afternoon. My mom came later to teach us how to form a hand faster. It was just a nice day. We played in my condo meeting room. It is this huge room with a kitchen, one large bookshelf filled with books, tons of chairs and one long table because the only time this room is used is for condo meetings twice a year. It is available to everyone who lives here but no one uses it. This huge room doesn’t have one card table. It makes no sense. I took the tables from the pool area. I think I need to bring this up at the next board meeting. It is such a great space would be nice if you could use it for something.

I just really enjoy both playing and the group of people I play with. They are such a lovely group and we all really get along. We have a blast and laugh like school kids. It is just such a great way to spend an afternoon. I highly recommend it.

Yesterday I went swimming in the morning so it left me a little tired by the afternoon. However my body held up fairly well. I was tired and was definitely having issues keeping my body up but I did a lot. Go me!! Today I’m getting nails done and having dinner with my friend. Looking forward to another nice day.

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