Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) this was a good topic of conversation last night at dinner with my good friend Sharon. Ten years ago we’d push ourselves to go out ever night we could for that fear of missing out. Nothing was worse than hearing the next day about an amazing night that you weren’t a part of, even worse were the inside jokes that came from that one night you missed.

Sharon said it best, she let go of FOMO and became content with staying home or going out to try new things. She certainly didn’t need to go backwards and try to relive her days from 10 years ago. She stopped worrying she’d miss out on something and went out when she felt up to it and wanted to go where others were going. I liked that attitude especially since I myself had to get over FOMO.

I have multiple sclerosis and it is a lot worse than it was 10 years ago, it’s worse than it was 5 years ago. I can’t do many things I did back then even if I wanted too. I can’t really drink anymore because it effects my MS plus I need my wheelchair which means I’m driving my van so I wouldn’t drink anyway. My body fatigues easily so when the night life is first getting started at 11pm I’m way past my bedtime. A backyard party in the summer still might be too hot for me and the bathroom might be an issue. There are limits to what I can do these days. If I still lived with FOMO I would be living a very sad life.

I don’t live like that. I had a great time in my late 30’s going out all the time with friends. I had many crazy nights with tons of happy memories. I’m just passed that stage mentally and definitely physically. My body couldn’t do that anymore and I wouldn’t want to. I need activities that are more low key like mahjong or dinner with a friend. I’m good if you want to watch a movie and/or go to a movie. I am never good for a spontaneous activity my life has to be planned in advance. I’ve learned all these things and they’ve all helped me get over my fear of missing out. I’ve become very happy with myself that I don’t feel lonely. I love my life and appreciate where I am. All these feelings help alleviate that FOMO because I’m not missing anything.

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