MRI today

MRI today

A great way to spend the day. I have an MRI of the head and cervical spine with and without contrast. This is a long test and I have to be there 45 minutes BEFORE my appointment on top of the long test. That is for them to put in a line making it easier to add the dye during the test. Since I’m known for collapsing veins during this part, I’ll be there early.

Neither of my neurologist expect to see anything in the MRI. MS wise I’ve shown no new lesions in years but I still continue to get worse. The MRI doesn’t show a complete picture of your disease or disability. No new lesions is expected I’m on rituxan that is what supposed to happen. My disability isn’t from lesions it is from the progression of the disease.

I don’t mind the MRI. I’m not claustrophobic and I meditate to the sounds. I go into an MRI trance and I’ve had some amazing Epiphanies during the test. I’ve heard these sounds for 21 years I’m use to them already. If anything I leave well rested.

I do have a herniated disk in my neck that the doctors track. They don’t believe it has anything to do with my MS symptoms but they obviously keep an eye on it for any changes.

If I have an eye opening experience I’ll let you know. I could use one so I’ll welcome the sight. Have a wonderful weekend.

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