I’m too tired for Monday

I’m too tired for Monday

I’m not sleeping well which is unusual for me. Sleeping has never been my problem. I can sleep all day and night normally other than getting up for bathroom breaks. Once in a while I deal with spasticity issues that plague my sleep. That can last for a night to a week to a month but that is sporadic and the medications I take at night normally do a good job preventing those episodes. I take baclofen, neurontin and flexeril nightly to alleviate the spasticity and involuntary twitching that can interrupt sleep. Getting up out of bed is another story all together. My legs are always stiff and I usually have to get up with straight legs because I’m unable to bend my knees. That however is entirely another issue.

My sleeping issues aren’t due to spasticity, spasms or twitching, I’m just not sleeping well. I’m up many times during the night and I’m not falling back to sleep. I am so tired in the morning and I’m forcing myself to get up and moving. Then I’m dragging throughout the day because my normal MS fatigue kicks in too. This is not a good combination.

I can’t even say why I’m not sleeping. Nothing is bothering me. at least nothing I’m consciously aware about. I’m not stressed or anxious about anything. The only thing different is my daughter is home from college but that is actually refreshing not a bad thing.

My Apple Watch tracks my sleep. I put on the great app called auto sleep that tracks all of this information about your sleep from trends, deep sleep, wake times, sleep efficiency and so much more. It give great insight to how I’ve been sleeping compared to how I was sleeping a week before or even a month before.

This is a great app if your interested. It doesn’t help me to figure out why I’m not sleeping better but it offers so much information.

I’m tired and I’m going to my OT evaluation today. Not looking forward to starting therapy again. I’ll be doing my PT evaluation later on this month. I did get my workout in and I’m proud of myself for that. Now I have to move to leave the house. Sigh….

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