My beautiful spiritual sister

My beautiful spiritual sister

I have a few things going on in my thoughts this morning making my heart feel heavy. The thoughts are revolving around a few people in my life that I care deeply about. Unfortunately I can’t do much to help physically, only mentally and spiritually. This brings me back to my sister. My beautiful sister.

Years ago I wrote a blog about her right before we attended Spirit Junkie Masterclass 1 together. In the post I talked about how I was hoping that by going to this maybe we could once again find some middle ground. I didn’t feel like we were close. She was not only offended by what I wrote but offended I put it in my blog. The weekend together was already starting off on the wrong foot.

The very first night together of the class we went out to grab a glass of wine, a bite to eat and had a long talk. I couldn’t tell you what we talked about. That night, that class, that weekend changed our relationship.

I was still in the beginning stages of my spiritual journey at that time. My sister was years ahead and had changed her entire life by changing her thoughts and mindset. She was my mentor, my spiritual guru and once again my voluntary friend. She was my inspiration and cheerleader as I began to change my thoughts. We started to create an entirely new bond of love and friendship on a spiritual level that made us even closer than we ever were. She is one of the most important people in my life.

Now we are here years later. Sometimes forget how far you’ve come. I was talking to her the other night. She is dealing with some sad stuff. I told her I was there for her to talk to always. Except I told it to her on her spiritual level that I know she has been struggling with. As silly as it sounds, in such a sad time, she gave me the best compliment I ever got from her. She said I needed that, thank you. “I’m so glad you got so good at this spiritual stuff.” Those words just brought me back to that class and how far we’ve come. I love her so much. ❤️❤️❤️. She showed me my path and I’m forever grateful.

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