GoodRx for prescriptions

GoodRx for prescriptions

Since I’ve been suffering through another extreme bout of MS fatigue I tried to figure out what I could do for myself. I know I was out of my prescription Adderall for a couple days, but could that really bring on fatigue so extreme? I don’t believe it was working that well plus this fatigue has been coming on for weeks. I’ve been feeling run down long before the last few days. I was denied by my insurance Provigil, which I preferred to Adderall. Yet there is a way I could possibly get it. I would just have to pay.

I looked up GoodRx and searched Provigil which gives me the generic form Modafinil and the cost of a 30 day supply from different places near me.

Adderall cost me nothing but I believe I did better with Provigil. I was on this for at least 10 year of the 22 years I’ve had MS. For $30 a month it might be worth it for me to get back on this drug again. Also if you see the edit button located in blue in the top right hand corner, you can change the supply and dosage amount which might make the prescription cheaper. When I changed it to a 90day supply, the cost per pill goes down and the places I can get the prescription change too.

Goodrx doesn’t cost anything to join although they do have a Rx gold plan that for a small monthly fee might lower the cost even more. In my case the fee is $9.99 and that wouldn’t offset the difference in their gold membership price and free coupon price on the 30 day prescription.

I’ve used this in the a few times in the past with my daughter’s prescription. Once when she misplaced her pills and once when they weren’t covered by insurance. It was very simple. I just printed the free coupon and handed it in at the pharmacy I picked the pills up at. I didn’t need to worry about insurance prior approvals and that’s what made this so helpful. With all of us taking so many medicines, I thought I’d pass along the information. I hope it helps you as well.

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