Smiling through exhaustion

Smiling through exhaustion

Back to feeling rundown again. Spent yesterday morning in bed with a migraine. Migraine is gone but I’m still exhausted. I went into bed before 9pm yesterday and slept straight through until 4:30am. That is a record. I went back to sleep and woke up at 8:44. I had to take my car in first thing this morning otherwise I might have spent another morning in bed. This is a rough feeling as anyone with multiple sclerosis can tell you. Anyone with a chronic illness can tell you. I got dressed today and that should be celebrated as a big deal.

I’m sitting at the electronic dealership to get the sensors on my handicap van replaced. I’ve had a problem with these sensors for months. It has taken me many phone calls to get them fixed. I couldn’t miss this appointment no matter how shitty I feel. My sensors are supposed to alert me when there are obstacles behind me as i back up. My sensors not only don’t alert me they’ve just been making a screeching sound every time the car is in reverse. To say it is irritating would be an understatement.

I’ve been here almost 30 minutes already and they just brought my van inside. I have to sit and wait because I have no way home without the van. They have this lovely waiting area but it is up stairs. That doesn’t work. I’m hoping the bathroom isn’t up there too because that could be bad. They said it could take 1-2 hours to replace the sensors. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t want to crawl back into bed and I wasn’t sitting under a speaker blasting Jerry Garcia type of guitar solos. I am slightly cranky, I will admit that.

I canceled my week activities. I didn’t go to therapy yesterday and I’m not going to mahjong tomorrow. I’m just energy depleted. A lousy feeling. I’m so tired of being tired. I need like a boost of some sort. Since that’s not happening I have to function as best as I can in this state. As always I do it with a smile but it is even exhausting doing that.

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  1. I and so many others reading this with MS feel and live your tiredness and frustrations and worries of stairs and accessible accommodations. You’ve proved yourself a warrior today! Take all days you need and rest 🙂

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