It is never an easy transition

It is never an easy transition

I’m back with an agency and as of 5pm Friday they had no one for me on Monday. We are off to a great start. They told me it’s because of my dogs. They have difficulty placing aids in households with animals. Well I’m not giving up my dogs so if I have to change agencies 100 times, so be it. I’m sure my current aid, whom I love and done all this stuff for, won’t be taking time out of her own schedule, when she isn’t being paid, to come help me. That right there is the issue. Yet like I said she has always done things not in her job description. On Friday she put my whole closet back together after the workmen finished. There wasn’t one article still in my daughter’s room that was supposed to be in my closet. Everything and all the clothes were folded neatly on each shelf or back up on hangers.

I’m just frustrated because I made this switch so I could have a backup for the times she couldn’t work. I get people are afraid of dogs but my dogs are my babies. I’m not ever going to not have pets. So many people have pets there has to be some aids out there that don’t mind. The staff rep from the agency said that my two dogs and another case of hers with 3 cats will always be a staffing problem. Well then obviously this isn’t the right company for me. I’m going to have to talk to my insurance case worker on Monday because this doesn’t work.

Thankfully I am in the condo on Monday for mahjong. First week back and finally feeling better. The next day I have occupational and physical therapy which I can drive myself too. I’ll be tired after and that’s my big concern there. Wednesday I’m home for game day. Thursday my aid is supposed to be back. I have to think about things and discuss with my mom and stepdad. More phone calls.

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