Grocery delivery thankfully coming

Grocery delivery thankfully coming

I don’t have much to say. I am home and things are uneventful here. I slept better last night which I think my dogs appreciated. I’m tired from the infusion but that is normal. I have ZERO blisters and that is the main thing. My regular aid has been out the last few days with a cold. She didn’t want to be near me which I am thankful for. I’ve had this nice girl here but there isn’t much to do right now. It is a little bit of babysitting for me. Making sure I’m ok throughout the day, getting my meals, or helping me with laundry. Those tasks don’t take much time and when there done we are back to staring at each other. I can’t do much about that. I’m not going out.

I though I was going to have to sneak out to the grocery store. I know my family would have killed me so I wouldn’t have told a soul. I tried to place an order for delivery from Peapod, one of the supermarket delivery services in the states. The next available date for delivery was next Sunday as in March 29. That’s crazy. I was shocked. I am not in dire need of food but that is way too long. By then I’d be pretty desperate. I was going to go and wear gloves and a mask.

At 6am this morning I got the idea to check one of the other delivery services. They had delivery by Friday. This store is a little more expensive as is their delivery service fees but it was worth the price. It is just insane what is going on in the world. I didn’t even try to add toilet paper to the order yet. I’m glad I was pretty together on groceries and paper products before all this happened. I can’t imagine what I would do if I was really short on supply.

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  1. It is crazy I live a hour from town so my son has been doing my shopping for me. I was fine grocery wise but I am on low carb. The Grandson’s school closed so they
    are out to stay until school starts again. Their was not one thing they wanted to eat in the fridge or pantry. So he went back today and bought enough for at least a month if not two. There is just no way to know how long the school will be closed and I don’t want to go out in public if I can help it.

    We are having fun they can sign into their Chrome computers for school work and we are going to add PE and Art tomorrow.

    1. My daughter is coming home from school. It was actually quieter upstate than by me but we decided it’s time she comes back home.
      I had to add food to my food order for her because I eat very different foods and there will be nothing to eat for her. Now the app won’t let me add things. She’ll have to go to the store. It’s just crazy.

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