Sunday down day

Sunday down day

Well I was very wrong about the fireworks. I thought everything was canceled but obviously that wasn’t the case. Where the fireworks in my town were canceled, other towns weren’t. I saw all the fireworks going off all across the horizon. It was extremely cool. Of course there were still fireworks set off close to my house as well. So much for them being illegal in New York. I had a great show to watch for over an hour. My dogs were ok. Minx was a little scared. He was burrowed in my neck. Although he does this sometimes on a normal night,

Thankfully the fireworks stopped by 10:30 because I don’t think the dogs would have settled down. I was tired too. Minx gets up at 7 usually. I’m still taking him out 1-2 times a night. He has been a little difficult during those pee breaks. Sometimes he doesn’t want to go, he wants to play. He likes to hide in the cubby with the wash cloths making it difficult for me to reach him in my scooter.

He’s smart. He knows when he pees its back to bed. It’s challenging. If I put him right back in the crate, he’s going to still have to go at a later time. I’ll just be up again so I redirect him to his wee wee pad until he goes.

He is really phenomenal for a puppy not even 11 weeks old but he’s a baby still. He is teething and loves to chew toes and fingers if given a chance. I’ve changed my workout program this week. Between Minx and my workouts my body is sore but I’ll discuss that tomorrow. I’m thrilled to have had a really quiet Sunday to rest and watch my Formula 1 race this morning. Both my puppies sleeping with me. Another week starts.

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