Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Usually in this blog post I’m writing about how to keep dogs calm during fireworks. My Boomer was the worst. 70 pounds of pure chicken. He used to run onto my lap quivering. I made the grave mistake one year to take him out with us. He got so scared he broke his retractable leash. That takes strength. My marshmallow was slightly better, it didn’t bother him quite as much. However those really loud ones would definitely rile him up. Zoey, she’s definitely calmer. I think it’s the surprise of the noise that makes her look up more than anything. My little minx, he’s just a puppy, everything is new to him.

It was because of Boomer that I tried to actually stay home during this holiday. He would just cower and cry. I would feel so horrible. I don’t know if it ever helped that I was home but I know if I was scared I would always feel better if my mom was around. Even after Boomer passed away, regardless of the status of my MS, I still stuck close to the house during this holiday just to be there for the dogs.

Now because of Covid, there are no big firework shows this year. What is kind of neat about where I live, is they actually do fireworks right across the water. I get a really good front row view. Unfortunately, not this year. Even though fireworks are illegal in New York, you still hear them going off days before the Fourth of July and you’ll hear them days after. Being on the fourth floor, I get lucky and sometimes I see in a really nice one. Mostly I just hear the noise. Normally I can see so many lighting up the sky both close by and in the distance. It is a very cool site to see from my balcony vantage point. I actually look forward to the fireworks. Not this year. I’m slightly disappointed. Next year the hotel could be built and who knows what my view will be. Oh well.

Hopefully for those still having a July 4th BBQ, you are all healthy and safe. Happy 4th to everyone!!!

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  1. We had lots of illegal fireworks being shot off all over the place here. Mine complained by barking until they got tired enough to go to sleep. Good thing. The fireworks went on all night.
    I am posting on WordPress. I have not seen your posts on FB for several days.
    All the best!

    1. That’s odd I’ll check the Facebook connection.
      I’m sure as it gets dark they’ll go off all night again here. My boomer was terrified. He was always the worst. These two weren’t bad.

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