It is always something

It is always something

Happy Friday. The sun is out and even though it is cold outside, my condo feels nice and comfortable from the way the sun hits the windows. I just set up my pills for the next two weeks. A daunting task but I’m always happy when I don’t have to arrange them for a while. I’m going out briefly to get my hair colored after I missed the appointment last week due to my wheelchair. Ugh frustrated The wheelchair which the saga didn’t quite end yet.

The wheelchair was fixed after waiting 10 days for the appointment. I was very grateful that it was up to par again. Then I was coming back from my room the other day and the entire controller fell down. This is under the arm of the wheelchair. Same thing, the bolt that holds it went completely loose and it just disengage. It was like 9pm and just me in the house. I had to get out my Allen Keys and try to tighten it up again. My hands being what they are, this was not an easy task. Somehow I did it enough where it wasn’t collapsing. I was so angry at this point. The chair is 6 months old, this can’t be normal.

I instantly wrote an email to my connection at the company that ordered the chair for me. I was so frustrated by this point. I mean I’m a disabled person, I can’t be doing work on my chair. Most of the time I can’t do it. I shouldn’t have to. She was nice she wrote me right back and ask for the chair manufacturer representative to get in touch with me.

He actually got back to me and came to see me that day. He checked all the bolts make sure everything was tight. He discussed a couple of things he wanted to do to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again with the arms. He even wanted to change the controller arm. I felt really good that I was put as a priority and that someone cared.

Yesterday I got an email with an invoice for a bill that includes the wheelchair parts that total $400. I was shocked!!! Never was any changes even discussed. I wrote back with the invoice am I responsible for this? I have not heard back yet. So much for feeling like someone cared. I’m certainly not paying a bill for a 6 month old chair that is having problems with the screws remaining tight. Hardly seems like my issue. It is always something.

2 thoughts on “It is always something

  1. Wishing you a happy Channukah

    I enjoy reading your blog and admire you for your perseverance for doing your exercise.
    Sorry you are having trouble with your chair ,
    doesn’t it come with a guarantee?

    Again, happy FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

    1. Hi thank you for reading and happy holidays to you.
      You’d thunk the chair has a warranty of some kind no one even got back to me regarding the invoice they sent. I honestly couldn’t even answer what is or isn’t covered. So dumb!!!!
      Hope you are staying safe abs healthy.

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