Ugh frustrated

Ugh frustrated

I’m in a crabby mood today. I’m frustrated. They finally called me about my wheelchair at 5:30 last night. I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t pick it up and they told me to call back. Of course they close at five so calling back did nothing. I’ve been dealing with this chair that looks like this

It has been incredibly difficult let alone not safe. I’m frustrated trying to maneuver and not hit things because I’m steering almost upside down. I’m frustrated because every time I go back into the chair it is so difficult because I can’t push myself back into the correct position. This is just a mess. Even if these people call me, I’m willing to bet I won’t have the tools to fix the chair. My daughter went to Home Depot to at least try to find the right size Allen key based on the YouTube video and they didn’t have one. I even looked on Amazon and I think that this is part of a socket set not an Allen key. Therefore, someone is going to have to come to my home and yesterday was already a fully wasted day. That is just adding to my frustration.

I would have called first thing this morning but my mood was lousy I needed to exercise first. In the middle of my exercising I was getting calls from Zoey’s vet. She has giardia again. A nightmare parasite for us because Zoey likes to eat poop. We’ve tried everything under the sun with her to stop this habit. Sometime she’ll stop for like a week and then all of a sudden she goes back. Now that she has this parasite again, her eating poop is even more of a nightmare. My vet said that we’re really at the bottom of the barrel and we need to put a muzzle on her. I fought this step for so long. She had Giardia when we first got her for over a year. It cost so much money. However she’s going to get herself so sick if I don’t stop her. She’s very sneaky. She’ll do it when I’m in the bathroom knowing that I can’t get up fast enough. It’s just has always been a nightmare. I think I finally am ready to break. I just can’t keep doing this. This did not add to my mood.

Now it’s almost 11 and my nail girl is coming. I can’t be tied up with my chair so I have to wait until I’m done. I truthfully think my nail girl who is really my friend will be just what I need to lighten my spirits anyway. I don’t think now would’ve been a good time for me to pick up the phone and deal with this ridiculousness. Hopefully in an hour I’ll be in a brighter headspace.

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