Goal accomplished

Goal accomplished

I accomplished the really hard workout that took me down last week. Persistent isn’t always a good thing. Not only did I accomplish it, I doubled up exercises that weren’t squats.

I kicked butt. This doesn’t even include the warmup that I forgot to start my Apple Watch. I would have had an additional 15 minutes but my heart rate average would have been lower. Not a bad workout with resistance bands. For my age and disability that is a good fat burning target range. Especially since I’m doing this from a chair. Anyway it just felt good after lasts weeks horrible mistakes to get this workout done in its entirety.

It was hard. The squats were new in this program. Not new as in I never heard of them, new to me attempting them at this level of my disability. One was the sumo squat. Where your legs are turned out as you squat.

This takes in about 97% of my legs biggest issues. The hip flexor, the quad strength a the inner thighs. I couldn’t even say which is the area that is the worst because they are all so weak. That makes these so difficult for me. They’ve been difficult for me even way back when I was still walking and exercising with weights. I remember doing these during my P90X workouts and always having weakness with these muscles. Now it is beyond weakness it is just completely hard.

The other was a side lunge. I was good when I bent to the right, lousy to the left. Same move different sides, one side has considerable more strength no rhyme or reason. Difference is a huge amount too. I almost fell over when I went to the left where as the right I had absolutely no problem. I must say this is definitely showing all the places that are still weak and the difference in the two sides of my body. At least this week, I figured this all out as opposed to falling down.

I was just happy to have completed the workout. It was a good end to a week that I definitely wasn’t feeling mentally on point. My birthday is this weekend, my baby comes home this weekend and I’m happy to spend time with my family. All good things. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and healthy.

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