Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

We are doing a little better here. Thankfully the Allen key set my daughter purchased was indeed the correct set. With the help of my friend (who also did my nails), we fixed the one side.

Certainly makes driving a whole lot easier. I have an appointment for the repair people to come next Thursday. They are only in my area Tuesday and Thursday and this week is thanksgiving. However, I did have a technician face time me yesterday to try to see what the problem was. By this time I had the one side fixed. I already knew the problem with the other side. I researched and watched the YouTube videos so I understood the parts of my wheelchair. This was a huge thing not only in fixing the one side but in helping the technician see the wheelchair and what we were doing. I knew what he was looking for or what he needed us to do. He actually thanked me for understanding my chair and it’s parts.

This isn’t the first time I’ve received a compliment like this. I’ve actually receive them often. I get them from all aspects of things because I do the research. If it is MS drug related so I can write about it or it’s a new drug coming to market I’m interested in, I do the research before going to my doctor. If my doctor brings a new drug to me, I do my research before discussing it with the family and making decisions. I don’t wait for someone to come up with the answers, if I can find solutions, I look for them. Knowledge is a good thing. It is important to know about the everyday items you are using from a car to your TV to your wheelchair. It helps to understand how things works so when something goes wrong, you may not be able to fix it, but you have a basic understanding of what is wrong.

My case in point, my wheelchair. I would of had to wait 10 days for someone to come and fix that arm. I knew I needed that Allen key to tighten that bolt. I couldn’t tell if the one my daughter bought from Home Depot was big enough. Then my hands are always an issue. My friend took the keys out and in about 5 minutes tightened the bolt for me and the arm was upright. However, it is slightly higher from where it was. So was the left side arm rest except that one wasn’t slightly, that was really high. We actually had to let it lower for that reason. However I did my research and knew that what needed to be fixed now I didn’t have the tools for and I needed the technician. The call last night confirmed because I was able to show him exactly what he needed to see. It pays to know. Knowledge is power. So don’t want for someone to tell you, find your answers.

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