A thanksgiving tale

A thanksgiving tale

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I had this wonderful idea of what I was going to post today, but activities of my early morning took over my headlines.

It was roughly 4:00am, we, Zoey,Minx and myself, were all sleeping soundly when all of a sudden….

Minx immediately starts barking. I wake up rattled. Zoey is up running on the bed from one side to the other. What a way to wake up. You have no clue what just happened. There were no lights or any strange shadows indicating a fire or something of the sort. That’s when I realized there were no lights at all!!! I had no electricity in my bedroom. Logic finally resumes and I realize a transformer must have blown on the electric pole. Nothing I could do about it and certainly not at 4:30 in the morning, so I settled the pups and went back to sleep.

Finally back to sleep I was once again awoken to the

It was now 5:30ish. I already have no electricity, what is exploding now? Zoey and Minx are once again repeating the same routine from the 4 o’clock boom. I am repeating mine, which includes laying in my bed looking around. For the first time in ages I didn’t have to use the bathroom every 2 hours so I wasn’t going expel my energy getting up for no reason. I just laid there my flounder mode unable to do much except give an evil eye to my wheelchair that was beeping for being plugged in with no power. What was going on outside? I couldn’t see much from my bed.

I once again tried to sleep but it was restless and my eyes were actually open when i heard the third

There actually was a flash in the sky. Funny by the third one the dogs weren’t as crazy, go figure. I was so tired but I really wasn’t sleeping anymore. An hour later the electric work trucks were here so it was noisy outside anyway.

Most of my condo has no electricity except both my bathrooms, my microwave and the outlet my air fryer uses. Things are beeping everywhere. I’m charging my phone in the bathroom which was about 1% away from dying. Everything just flashed on momentarily and went off again so I’m assuming they’ll have it fixed shortly. All in all I’ve been up since around 7 and I haven’t workout yet because I have no tv.

With all this today I’m thankful for my family and all the extended branches of my family. I’m thankful for the people I think of as my family that aren’t related by blood. I’m thankful for my friends, aides, doctors and lost relationships that got me where I am today. I am always thankful for my dogs and love of my furry babies. I am thankful for my blog,the readers, subscribers, and those that comment. However today I’m most thankful and grateful for electricity. You forget your dependence on it until you loose it even briefly. Happy thanksgiving to everyone

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  1. And we are Thankful to you and for the time and thought you put into writing your Blog everyday. It does us all more good than you know and we are forever Thankful 🙂

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