Thankful for the connections made through blogging

Thankful for the connections made through blogging

Over the years blogging, I’ve connected with many people that have multiple sclerosis or some other chronic disease. I’ve even connected with people who just love dogs like I do. I have even developed a cherished online friendship with a few of these people. I’ve crossed paths with so many that have been an inspiration to me, consoled me in my dark times, commiserated with me on my various challenges, congratulated me on my conquests and laughed with me over the ridiculous parts of life. It has truly been my unexpected gift of blogging. I’m happy to say I believe I am at the beginning of developing one more.

This is someone I’ve admired for a while in the MS world. He is quite impressive. I came upon him when I was swimming all the time. An activity I really miss. It just got too hard to get out of the pool, shower, dress etc but that’s not what this is about. I actually tagged his website in one of my swimming blogs However, it was his website that inspired me to begin with. He was a swimmer and not just a few laps in a pool like I was doing, he was swimming lakes. I couldn’t even hit a mile in the pool so I was in awe of him. I started following him on Instagram and he started following my blog. Eventually we started a dialogue in comments. Thankfully he gave me his number and we moved to texts and an eventual phone call.

It was a phone call with someone who gets what you going through. Understands what your feelings but can still be positive about life. He said the greatest things, I have two speeds slow and stop. Loved that. I also loved that he understood there really isn’t a good day anymore. Everyday is hard. So there are bad days and worse days. Yet even this was still said without being negative just honest. It was a refreshing phone call with a person I felt like I already knew.

This blog has brought so much to my life. It is my sanity on so many levels. Yet it has also been my connection to people I never would have met. This blog has been my gift and I am forever thankful.

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  1. I tried to ride my bicycle again but just kept falling off, I gave up trying about two years ago. Still have my bike hoping to be able to make it one day again

  2. Thank you Jamie, for the kind and thoughtful Blog post. As I shared with you on the phone,
    I am very impressed and moved with your commitment and dedication to your Blog. You have become the messenger and voice of what so many of us living with MS deal with everyday, We Thank you for it. We are not alone in this battle living with MS. We are here for each other and we will stand strong and continue to always support one another. Ok, maybe we can’t stand that well, but we got this :). Dix

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