Covid vaccination

Covid vaccination

First UK varied strain of Covid was detected in New York yesterday. They say this strain is more contagious than the original Covid that is still spreading everywhere. Thankfully this new strain doesn’t seem to make the conditions of the virus any worse than it already is. And happy new year to you too…..

NY has a website to see if your eligible to get the vaccine. When you go on they ask for your name, address, telephone, email and mobile phone. Then there are the eligibility questions. 1) Are you a healthcare or front line worker? 2) Do you live in a convalescence home?. That’s it!!! I am neither so I was ineligible. I guess we aren’t even up to the senior citizens or anyone who might be at a higher risk. I don’t even know how I will be perceived since I know from my doctor’s information I posted yesterday Covid vaccination information for MS patients, multiple sclerosis isn’t considered a high risk disease. However, I take Rituxan (sister to Ocrevus) which weakens my immune system. I don’t know how some quick answer form on a website will understand that one.

I am not overly concerned because I figured I might not get my vaccination until March sometime. I just have to be aware of my next infusion that will also be around that time. I wouldn’t think they could be done within the same window of time. Meaning the first shot of the vaccination, the infusion, the second shot of the vaccination. By the time everyone gets vaccinated, the UK strain might be 1 of 7 variations that the vaccination doesn’t protect against. Isn’t that how the flu vaccines seem to go each year? Will Covid ever really end? I’m wondering…..

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