A very busy day

A very busy day

Today is a jam packed day. It’s one of those days that really pushes my multiple sclerosis body to the edge. I still start off with my morning workout because workouts aren’t optional. Then I have to be at the department of motor vehicles by 11:30. I have an appointment so hopefully I won’t be waiting too long to get called. I’m also hoping the transition goes smoothly for getting the handicap plates. I have the form from my doctor and the rest is just my regular registration. Wish me luck for quick DMV visit and easy registration renewal.

Directly from the DMV I’m swinging through the drive thru of my pharmacy to pick up my prescription. Next stop is my inspection on my car. I have to wait while this gets done but they were very nice and said they’d get me in as quickly as possible. Unfortunately with a handicap van unless someone else drops off your car my options to leave the car and go home become somewhat challenging. Not many Uber or taxis are handicap accessible vehicles. On a positive note they will hopefully be able to put my new license plates on that I received from DMV. Plus my low air pressure in my car is lit, another thing that can now get fixed.

As if these two things weren’t enough. I’m getting my hair dyed and cut later in the afternoon. It easily will take a few hours at the hair salon before I’m done. I was supposed to get it done last week but canceled due to my daughter with the positive Covid results. If it wasn’t for the line of grey in the part of my hair, I wouldn’t care. It is that grey that keeps me vain enough to make sure I keep that appointment no matter how tired I am.

I’m sure when I get home from all of that I will be exhausted. I am trying to get everything done prior to my infusion scheduled for next week. I want as much off my plate as I can get off. I’m hoping it all goes smoothly because it is going to be a long day. My puppies are going to miss me. That means I get big kisses when I get home. Always a nice thing to come home to.

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